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Burco supplies more than nine models of stud welders capable of handling studs from 5/16 to 1-1/4.  We offer short cycle drawn arc units and capacitor discharge units.
Drawn Arc Welding Studs in a wide range of sizes and materials.
Capacitor Discharge Welding Studs in a wide range of sizes in non-alloyed steel, stainless steel, aluminum and brass.
Click here to view video clips of four of the most common stud welding processes/methods.
Click here to check our our newest KST-9 and KST-10 capacitor discharge stud weld units.  These replace our KST-D-6 model, and offer a full range of improvements.
Click here for information on our newest, most powerful portable welder/generator driven by a dependable, 9HP Honda four-stroke engine.  The Burco MPM 200 provides up to 200 amps of DC power to handle the heaviest jobs. Be sure to check out this "big brother" to our popular MPM165 (shown below).
Click here for information on the first truly portable welder/generator with a four-stroke engine.  The Burco MPM 165 provides up to 150 amps of DC power to handle steel up to 1/2" thick!

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Burco supplies a complete range of stud welders and welder generator units.  The stud welding equipment line includes stud welders capable of applying welding studs ranging in size from 1/4" in diameter up to 1-1/4" in diameter.  Stud welders are available in short cycle drawn arc stud welders as well as capacitor discharge stud welders.  Burco's line includes an assortment of supplies and accessories compatible with  stud welding equipment made by other manufacturers including TRW Nelson , Erico Jones, KSM, Omark, Cutless, Proweld, Emhart and many others. *  Stud welding supplies and accessories include studs (all types and materials), ceramic ferrules, stud welding guns, collets, inert gas control kits and cables and cable extensions.   Burco is also introducing Stud-Pak... the world`s first fully self-contained engine driven stud welder. 

Stud welding replaces more time-consuming methods of attaching studs to metal...which often involve prepunching, drilling, thread cutting, screw connection, stick welding, etc.  Burco has stud welders capable of applying virtually any type and size of weld stud to any gauge of metal from any welding position. 

Another major part of the Burco product line is its range of welder generator units.  These rugged welders can be used in the field for conventional welding operations.  Gas powered welders produce DC welding output while at the same time producing auxiliary power.  Some units produces auxiliary DC power while others produce AC.  Burco's portable welders are especially useful for in-the-field welding operations where conventional power isn't available.  Welder generators will stand up to the rigorous use of construction trades and other jobbers, the rental industry, farmers and others.

*  Note:  Burco is not affiliated with TRW Nelson , Erico Jones, KSM, Omark, Cutless, Proweld, Emhart or other suppliers of stud welding equipment.  Burco is an independent manufacturer and supplier of stud welders and stud welding accessories and supplies.  In that capacity, Burco stud welding products can be supplied for use in conjunction with or in replacement of other manufacturers' equipment.

Be sure to check out the new PowerBox engine driven stud welder. Power Box has also been sold under the name Stud-Pak. PowerBox is available in gasoline engine and diesel engine versions, and it is capable of applying weld shear connectors up to 7/8 inch. In addition, PowerBox functions as a generator providing 120 / 220 single and three phase power.