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Mosa Magic Weld 200 Portable Welder/Generator


View  video below for more information on MOSA welder/generators available from Burco.

  • Gasoline-driven welder  (Honda GX270 engine)
  • Permanent magnet alternator
  • Single-phase generator 3kW
  • Max welding current: 200A

The Magic Weld 200 is a compact welder/generator that's lightweight and feature-packed.  It has electronic control of the welding current capable of delivering up to 200 amps with a duty cycle of 60%.

The weight of the whole machine is only 134 lbs. Driven by a Honda gasoline engine, it uses an innovative permanent magnet to supply a welding current of up to 200 A DC,  and it can function simultaneously as a welder and generator.

The presence of an auto idle economizer introduces the concept of "power on demand," allowing both fuel savings and reduced engine wear.

The Magic Weld 200 is able to weld any kind of electrode (rutile, basic, cellulose) up to 4 mm and takes full advantage of the engine's power output thanks to a technology developed by MOSA known as "Power Optimizer."

AC auxiliary power of 2.8 kW/60 Hz 230v or 110v is also available, suitable for powering small tools or lighting. Another professional feature of the Magic Weld 200 is its set-up for connection to a remote control (optional), which allows the operator to control the machine from a distance of up to 20 m.

In accordance with CE regulation.

Technical Features:


  • Current range, continuous: 20 ÷ 200A
  • Duty cycle: 200 A - 60%
  • Open circuit voltage: 70 V
  • Arc welding source in D.C. welding
  • Welds any type of electrode, including cellulosic
  • High frequency control of welding current and voltage
  • Single-Phase, 60Hz aux current, inverter generated


  • Engine shut down for low oil level (oil alert)
  • Auto Idle
  • Dry weight: 134 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 630x490x540 mm
  • Acoustic power LwA (pressure LpA): 99 dB(A) (74 dB(A) @ 7 m)

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