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Burco is THE go-to source for stud welding and portable engine-driven welder/generators.

  • Drawn Arc Stud Welders

    Drawn Arc Stud Welders

    A full range of products for any application. 
    Welders ranging from 450A to 3500A.

    Contact the stud weld experts today
    to discuss your needs.

  • Capacitor Discharge<br>Stud Welders

    Capacitor Discharge
    Stud Welders

    Simple operation and portability are key features of the KÖCO capacitor discharge units.  Ideal for sheet metal applications where studs must be attached to thin materials.  Short cycle times.

  • Stud Weld Guns

    Stud Weld Guns

    Burco offers a wide array of stud welding guns, cables and other accessories applicable to most manufacturers' welding equipment.
    We're stud weld experts. 

    Bring us your toughest challenges,
    and we'll help you conquer them.

  • Portable Welder Generators

    Portable Welder Generators

    Burco offers MOSA's truly portable
    welder/generators.  If you have
    requirements that call for welding
    in the field along with the need for
    auxiliary power (a hand-held grinder,
    for example), check out these ultra-reliable
    units supplied with dependable
    Honda engines.  BUY ONLINE!

Why Burco?

home2.jpgIt's simple.  For us welding isn't a side line, it's our ONLY line.  That's been the case for over thirty years.  There is probably not a stud welding scenario we have not seen before.  Why experiment with the other guys?  Come to us, and we'll help you get the right equipment and technical expertise for your requirement the first time.  Our stud welding equipment is German-engineered and manufactured with the latest technologies and features.  Whenever you need us, we're just a phone call or an email away!

Portable welder?  It depends on how strong you are.

strongarm.jpgThere are quite a few companies out there that offer what they call "portable, gas-driven welders."  However, most of these products weigh several hundred pounds.  They're portable in the sense that you can haul them around in the back of a truck, but if you truly need a welder that can be picked up by hand and taken right to the jobsite, then we've got you covered.  Our New Magic Weld weighs 75 lbs and delivers up to 150 amps of welding power.  In addition it is a generator that can supply 120 volts to run power tools such as a grinder, drill or saw.  Check out the New Magic Weld and its larger cousin, the Magic Weld 200, today.


Challenged by welding
studs onto thin stock? 

Capacitor discharge is probably the answer.  Burco offers systems that can quickly, reliably and consistently allow you to achieve strong connections on thin sheet materials including steel, stainless stee, brass and aluminum.  We'll help you every step of the way including the selection of the right welder, gun, studs and ferrules.  Check out the various capacitor discharge models in our Stud Weld Equipment section.

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