About Us

 Burco Welding & Cutting Products was incorporated in 1989 and was the Welding Products Division of the Burlington Compressor Co. (Burco, Inc.)  Burco, Inc. dates its beginning to 1966.  Today, Burco Welding & Cutting Products is comprised of three operational units:

  • BURCO/KOCO® Stud Welding Equipment
  • BURCO/MOSA® Engine-Driven Welders/Generators
  • BURCO/CEBORA® Electric Welding Machines

This website provides information on all of the Burco products.  Please enjoy your visit and let us know if we can aid you in any way. 


If you are looking for answers about stud welding....
...then you've come to the right place.  Burco seeks to be your partner for all your stud welding needs.  Here are some of the benefits of dealing with Burco: 

  • Free evaluation of applicable stud welding process.  You tell us what studs you want to weld on what material.  Supply us with samples.  We will perform test welds in our lab in order to select weld process and equipment.  Sample welds are returned to you for evaluation and quality control.  We provide free documentation (in the form of a printout) of weld parameters.  This will include never-before-available information such as current, time, voltage--actual realized weld energy in weld zone.
  • On-site consulting service.  Are you dissatisfied with stud welding results or poor supplier support?  For a modest fee, we will evaluate your current stud welding processes and/or equipment and offer you alternative solutions.
  • Stud welding quality assurance monitoring.  By using Burco's BSPK 1 Stud Welding Process, each and every weld you make can be evaluated for 100% quality assurance.
  • Special solutions to unconventional stud welding applications.  Burco can offer solutions to your stud welding problems associated with high alloy steels with processes such as:
      • Short cycle--welding of studs without flux balls and ferrules.  You can produce x-ray quality welds with a minimum of fillet volue and weld zone influence.
      • Stud welding with shielding gas--integrated into power supplies and gun front components which provides precise shielding of the weld zone.
      • Preheating--integrated into power supplies allows for a programmable multi-step welding cycle by preheating the weld zone before the final weld.
  • Rental equipment.  Complete "rental-ready" equipment packages for short- and long-term rentals.